Monday, 14 September 2009

The B.B.C. leave us

 The B.B.C packed away all it's props and carefully wrapped all it's breakables
 Cups of tea and encouragement to hurry was my job,very nice guys they had the job of returning all the props to the various suppliers of items in London. Caught sight of a box marked 'Midsomer Murders' little things please me!
 Well there is work to be done and ladders to be climbed so see you all later,Thanks for popping in.


  1. I have a cunning plan! Good old Baldrick hey? Nice to see another post! suzie. x :)

  2. Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment. I agree with you everything happens for a reason, and thank you for sharing your wonderful and touching story about your Mother with me. Suzie. x :)

  3. Thanks itch 2 stitch, Mum taught me to sew ,I expect she's laughing about Bympton . I wonder if I have wandered into a Blackadder set and not realised!
    Take care Susanxx

  4. That must be interesting re the BBC and good old Baldrick. He makes us think. Now it would depend on what was in that Midsomer Murders box as to whether I'd be pleased!

    p.s. went to post and the word verification was .... Pikey!! Certainly not you! These words often amuse me.

  5. Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...

  6. Hi, I have a fantasy wish list!
    Thank you for entering my giveaway…you have the same job as my Mum does!

    Love Lou xxx

  7. Hi Cal,
    Not much in the Midsomer murder box ,only wrapped candlesticks,lead piping and rope!!
    Pikey Baldrick sounds like a spin off!

  8. Elsie, You are a sweetie for leaving a note I'm coming to find you.

  9. Hi Lou,
    I love all your photo images it's hard to keep this sight image free but it is making me write more thoughtfully as I have to create pictures with words.
    Thanks for visitingSusanxx