Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Swags and tails.

Making drapes for a historical building is always a pleasure tinged with the weight of authenticity and responsibility.Knowing that the window treatments that I'm installing in Bympton D'Evercy will be seen every day for about the next 30years ,the last update was mid 1970's, keeps the pressure up . The Library which I have just completed using an exquisite Gainsborough silk woven in Suffolk on the same looms that create fabric for Buckingham Palace, looks perfectly balanced with the oak panelling that lines all 4 walls up to the 1680 deep cornice.
Today I have the fabric on my high design table chosen for the Red Dining Room The challenge today is cutting the Swags and Tails and making them look like they have always belonged in the wool fabric panelled room. The braid around the existing fabric on the walls also needs to be replaced due to fading, 75 metres  will be attatched next week. 


  1. First time visiting you!
    I admire the fact that you decided not to use photos on your posts!
    Why being like everybody else!Just for the sake of what everyone may think or want?


  2. Thank you Debbie,
    I must say it is quite liberating not to have to present a brand.Visitors to the sight will have much better pictures in their heads than I can provide!.
    I'm popping over to visit you now
    Regards Susan

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. What a great idea for a Jack Wills bedroom. My daughter would love that, it's a shame they don't sell fabric in their signature pink and blue.

  4. Yes I definetly think the future is pink and blue. Visit my website click on the gallery @ renaissancebespokecurtains.com for the most impressive transformation of a duvet cover into curtains and roman blind you know you all want one-just ask!!!!

  5. Hello Susan
    Firstly thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment! So now I have found my way here and WOW what a wonderful world of interior design you have - I am quite envious! Brympton D'Evercey looks like the most amazing place, and yes, how wonderful it would be to visit one day!
    Thank you!
    Denise x

  6. Hi Denise,
    Thank you I love to share what I do with fellow interested souls I feel so lucky to fall down the rabbit hole now and then and pop up at the most amazing places. I was in Belgium working earlier this year again I felt I'd been transported to an alternative life !!
    I'm at Brympton this weekend and then again 6th and 7th Oct when our Interior Design Courses start. Let me know if you are free for that tour???

  7. What an amazing job you have! I have always been interested in historic textiles and my thesis was concerned with the representation of needlework in literature. Great to have discovered your blog!

    Pomona x

  8. Hi Pomona,
    Thanks for visiting me I'd love to share a cup of tea with you and watch the world go by,maybe one day. I'm not that far from you and your adorable B&B in Kent looks so inviting, Bob the builder and I often buzz off for the weekend you never know !.........

  9. Darling, thank you for your friendship and have yourself a fabulous weekend!!

    Love & Hugs
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  10. Duchess,
    Always a pleasure to have you grace my blog with your presence I always look forward to your updates from your beautiful blog.