Monday, 14 September 2009

The B.B.C. leave us

 The B.B.C packed away all it's props and carefully wrapped all it's breakables
 Cups of tea and encouragement to hurry was my job,very nice guys they had the job of returning all the props to the various suppliers of items in London. Caught sight of a box marked 'Midsomer Murders' little things please me!
 Well there is work to be done and ladders to be climbed so see you all later,Thanks for popping in.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Swags and tails.

Making drapes for a historical building is always a pleasure tinged with the weight of authenticity and responsibility.Knowing that the window treatments that I'm installing in Bympton D'Evercy will be seen every day for about the next 30years ,the last update was mid 1970's, keeps the pressure up . The Library which I have just completed using an exquisite Gainsborough silk woven in Suffolk on the same looms that create fabric for Buckingham Palace, looks perfectly balanced with the oak panelling that lines all 4 walls up to the 1680 deep cornice.
Today I have the fabric on my high design table chosen for the Red Dining Room The challenge today is cutting the Swags and Tails and making them look like they have always belonged in the wool fabric panelled room. The braid around the existing fabric on the walls also needs to be replaced due to fading, 75 metres  will be attatched next week.