Thursday, 20 August 2009


  The name of the BBC christmas production is out. Arrived at Brympton D'Evercy yesterday to be greeted by two massive cranes at the front of the house with lighting rigged up . After negotiating our way round the crew,

we made our way to the Ball Room, this is a beautiful room overlooking the lake and it is where the Wedding Breakfasts are held.
 After setting up camp with sewing machines at the ready we then had to accomodate "Quiet please, ACTION "...........(you could of heard a pin drop -literally) And finally "CUT"
  All very interesting stuff but we soon realised the only big star we were going to catch sight of was Sue Johnson don't get me wrong ,very nice lady but hardly Johnny Depp.
   We fitted our curtains in the further 5 guests rooms and headed back to Essex . Bympton has another 4 weeks of filming then normality can be resumed.

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