Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Brympton Library

    I thought I'd show you how the refurbishment of the state rooms are going. The original oak panelling from 1680 is really shown at it's best in the Library.
 Gainsborough silk weaving company in Suffolk were chosen for their expertise in weaving archive silk fabrics. Brympton d'Evercy shares their fabric maker with the Queen who also selects fabrics by Gainsborough. They were heavily involved in the reconstruction of fabrics at Windsor castle after the fire.
We agreed on a vibrant mix of red and gold to compliment the stained oak panels.
Swags and tails were decided on for maximum impact, as you can see the tails were as tall as me.
It took two of us to make them over 4 days with another day to fit them. Using the floor of the green drawing room next door we hand sewed for England! 
The curtains were soon immortalized by featuring in The Turn Of The Screw an updated version of Henry James's novel which was filmed at Brympton House by and shown on B.B.C.




  1. Congratulations Susan for your Award!
    It is great to have met The Duchess too, and her beautiful blog.

    Have a wonderful week

  2. Bonjour Susan,
    Congralations on the award, the Duchess is so lovely. looks as though you are certainly climbing the ladder of success..oh sorry I could not resist!
    Have a fabulous week (and be careful up there)!

  3. My dearest Lady Susan,

    Your eloquently written thank you note arrived this afternoon while I was taking tea with my dear cousin. I do hope the presence of the photographers outside of Brympton Towers did not cause you much distress. You see darling, I know how aggressive and demanding they can be!!

    Lady Susan, I thank you for graciously accepting the award and the title. You truly deserve this honour, and the pleasure of bestowing it upon you was mine entirely.

    I am looking forward to many future visits to Brympton Towers and the pleasure of your company.

    Love & Hugs