Friday, 9 October 2009

Rehearsal over

  What a week! Guests arriving for the run through of the course, meetings with potential suppliers, fires to light and meals to prepare! Just another hectic exciting week at Brympton.
 Everyone that came fell in love with the house it just wraps it's arms around you and wants you to stay.
 Well I'm completely up to speed now on all things historic thanks to our guest speaker Lindy Treacy, the research that she has undertaken has inspired us all to do our own homework and I really should have paid more attention at school to all those dates I was miles out with my kings and Queens!!
   Back home the memory of the magical dinner party with guests and the family in the candlelit 1680 dining room transports me back to another era.
 Next week I'm meeting Mulberry Home to set up the Wedding Gift List and a lovely gentleman from English looking glass a company that makes exquisite carved antique style mirrors and furniture, I can't wait.
 If anybody knows of any person that may have bought furniture from Brympton in the Fifties during a big sale to raise money let me know. We would like to document any piece if poss. We do know that a mirror was purchased by Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon who then came on a flying visit to see the house the Lovely mirror came from. This info came from one of the lovely ladies that came on our practise course. Let me know any more snippets.
  Bye for now Susanxx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Brympton D'Evercy Historical Courses

Everything has now been put in place for the start of the courses at Brympton.
I feel completely at peace for the first time this year! 
 Spent a fantastic week alternating between Somerset and Chelsea as all the trade shows have been on. Every supplier bar none has been lovely and as excited as me about the possibilities at Brympton.
 Invitations to visit me at Brympton are being accepted starting with the owners of Fromental a fantastic English based company creating works of art on silk wallpapers. Followed by Gainsborough silk coming to see the delicious drapes, swags and tails made by my fair hand (and a lot of other fair hands!!!) hanging proudly on display in the Oak Library  made from one of their beautiful archive influenced Silks.
The Historical House courses will start from January and include 2 nights at Brympton. For more info please e-mail me, there will be the opportunity for my lucky bloggers to get involved in a giveaway so keep posted!!
Love to you all.